The use of wire rope clamps.


The wire rope clamp (also known as the wire rope clamp) has the function of fixing or connecting the rope end, and it is often used together with the wire rope, which is suitable for heavy duty conditions such as cranes, mining transportation, ships and construction. If the person who is not doing this kind of work may not be very familiar with these things, but it doesn't matter, if you want to understand the specific information of the wire rope clamp, such as the type of wire rope clamp, the method of use, precautions and so on.

Forged steel wire rope clamp is often used for lifting load, such as engineering lifting machinery, metallurgical mining equipment, oil field derrick, port railway loading and unloading, forestry machinery, power equipment, aviation and sea, land transportation, engineering rescue, wreck salvage, factories and mining enterprises lifting, hoisting, traction rigging.

Stainless steel wire rope clamp because of its easy to rust, it is used in Marine accessories, chemical plants, radiation and other environments.

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